MAP:Tobishima Pier East Side Container Terminal

Tobishima Pier East Side Container Terminal

Container terminal group with a total quay length of 2,220m

On the east side of Tobishima Pier, three container terminals (Tobishima Pier North, NCB, Tobishima Pier South) are aligned, forming a total of 8 berths with a total quay length of 2,220 m.
Cargo on North American and Southeast Asian routes is handled here. Quays with water depth of 10 m to 15 m are used efficiently depending on the type of ship.
To deal with increasingly large container ships, NCB Container Terminal Berths R1 and R2 will be improved as quake-resistant quays with depth increased from 12 m to 15 m. The work is slated for completion in FY2023*. There is a plan to increase size of the gantry cranes at the Tobishima Pier South Container Terminal (to 20 rows) one by one.
*Part scheduled to be in service in 2021.

Tobishima Pier East Side Container Terminal
Tobishima Pier East Side Container Terminal
Night loading and unloading

Overview of Facilities

  Tobishima Pier North
Tobishima Pier South
Berth (quake-resistant) Length 620m 900m 700m
Water Depth 10 ~ 12m 12m 15m
Terminal Area (Including quay and apron) 171,105m2 288,379m2 227,772m2
Yard Capacity (Transfer Crane Yard) 2,862TEU 5,125TEU 4,376TEU
(Inspection Yard, etc) Customs, Plant Quarantine, Dangerous Cargo, Reffer Container
Reefer Plugs 110 189 140
Gate House Number of Lanes 2 Lanes Inward
4 Lanes Outward
9 Lanes Inward
4 Lanes Outward
4 Lanes Inward
6 Lanes Outward
Number of Cranes 3 6 5
Rated Capacity 30.5t x3 40.6t x4, 30.5t x2 40.6t x4, 40.6t(30.5t)* x1
Outreach 36m (3 tiers 13 rows)
37m x2 (5 tiers 13 rows)
48m x4 (5 tiers 17 rows)
44m x2 (4 tiers 16 rows)
44.5m x2 (5 tiers 16 rows)
47.7m x1 (5 tiers 17 rows)
48.5m x2 (6 tiers 17 rows)
Rail Span 17m x3 17m x2, 28.3m x3 30.5m x2
Lessee, Terminal Operator --- R1, R2: Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. / Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. / Nippon Yusen Kaisha
R3: Nagoya United Container Terminal Co.,Ltd. (NUCT)
Service Routes North America, Indonesia, Singapore North America, Indonesia, Indochina, Bangkok, Singapore, Philippines, Nahodka North America, Indonesia, Singapore, Bangkok, Korea
* () for at 17 rows