Ferry Terminal

Taiheiyo Ferry

Ferries connecting Nagoya with Tohoku and Hokkaido call once every two days

Ferries connecting the Port of Nagoya and Tohoku (Port of Sendai) and Hokkaido (Port of Tomakomai) call at this terminal once every two days. These ferries are used for many things, from cargo transport to travel and leisure.
Ferry transportation today is not only an essential means of transportation that supports the flow of goods and people within Japan, it has also become highlighted as one part of a modal shift from automobiles to maritime traffic to reduce environmental pollution from traffic congestion and exhaust gas.

Passenger Terminal

Passenger Ramp

Movable Automobile Ramp

Outline of Ferry Terminal

Berth No. Berth
Route Frequency Ship
G/T Loading Capacity Shipping
Passengers Trucks Passenger
Berth No.1 215m -7.5m - - - - - - - -
Berth No.2 215m -7.5m Nagoya-Sendai
1ferry every
two days
Ishikari 15,762 777 184 100 Taiheiyo Ferry
Co., Ltd
Kiso 15,765 768 183 113