Corporate Outline

■ History

The Nagoya Ferry Berth Corporation was established in 1971 with full funding by the Nagoya Port Authority.

In 1993 it was reorganized as the Nagoya Port Terminal Public Corporation, adding construction, management, and operation of international container terminals to its ferry berth business activities. In 2012, the public interest corporation system in Japan underwent reforms. The Nagoya Port Terminal Corporation was founded in response, taking over all of the assets and business operations of the Nagoya Port Terminal Public Corporation. It has since endeavored to improve management and operations efficiency with a private sector perspective.

A port and harbor management company system was later established based on the national government's international container strategic port policy. Under this system, the Nagoya Port Terminal Corporation was designated by the national government as a “special port operating company” at the Port of Nagoya, and in 2015 began management and operations of public container terminals. For even greater efficiency of management and operations, in April 2016 we merged with the Nagoya Container Berth Co., Ltd. (NCB), a company that had been conducting similar container terminal business operations.

As a result of these changes, the Nagoya Port Terminal Corporation currently conducts centralized management of the container terminals at the Port of Nagoya — Nabeta Pier, Tobishima Pier South Side, Tobishima Pier North, Tobishima Pier South, and NCB. We aim to continue improving services and lowering costs for users.

■ Business Activities

Through such activities as construction, leasing, improvement, maintenance and disaster-relief operations at the international container terminal and ferry terminal at the Port of Nagoya, the Nagoya Port Terminal Public Corporation strives to strengthen the functions of the Port, facilitate international trade, develop the regional economy, and create marine environment for local communities.

■ Funding

Funds required for terminal construction and improvements are procured from the national government and the Nagoya Port Authority in the forms of interest-free loans, special subletting loans, and loans from private financing institutions. These loans are repaid through the collection of terminal leasing fees.

Corporate Outline

Corporate Name
Nagoya Port Terminal Corporation
Head Office / 40 Sorami-cho, Minato-ku, Nagoya
Kouwan Kaikan Office / 4F Nagoya Harbor Hall, 1-11 Minato-Machi, Minato-ku, Nagoya
Tobishima Office / 2F Tobishima Pier North Terminal Ctrl., 2-25 Higashihama, Tobishimamura, Ama, Aichi
Masaharu Ikuta
5568 million yen
Corporate History
October 22, 1971 Established as Nagoya Ferry Berth Corporation
February 26, 1993 Reorganized as Nagoya Port Terminal Public Corporation
December 3, 2012 Established as Nagoya Port Terminal Corporation
November 12,2014 Designated Special Port Operating Company
April 1,2016 Merged with Nagoya Container Berth Co., Ltd.